Your next portable computer netbook or laptop?

Netbooks are a popular and cheaper alternative to full size notebook and desktop computer. Though some netbooks ship with Linux, most consumers prefer Windows XP-based netbooks. What makes is different from the netbook notebook or desktop computer? The main difference is the amount netbooks fall somewhere between the smallest and largest laptop smartphone. Netbooks is less powerful computers to reduce costs. As a result, most netbooks can run Windows Vista, and comes with Windows XP (and in some cases, Linux). To save even more money, some consumers to install OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office. Netbooks are many manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, HP, MSI, Dell, OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), MEDION, Kohjinsha, Lenovo, Toshiba and others.

Netbooks even caught the attention of Google the search engine companies who worked with manufacturers on your computer a new generation of netbook is based on Google Android in the platform. And Microsoft looks for Windows 7 as a continuation of Windows XP netbooks.

So where do that leave consumers? If you race and buy a netbook with Windows XP now or wait until later this year or in 2010 at the Android / Windows 7-based netbooks? But instead, I have to pay a little more (only $ 100 $ 150) and get a full size laptop?

Here are some things to think about:

* Speed if you plan to run anything other than e-mail, basic Internet and the main text of the document creation, you should get a laptop, based on a netbook is quite good. And almost forgot about the game of the netbook and probably the highest quality Internet video.
* Power Typer typer power if you take some time to kind of netbook at the store you really are going to put up with less keyboard? If you just talk a twitter update, or e-mail messages, you will be fine but if you write your next novel netbook on a smaller keyboard may be difficult.
* Experience of Vista: if you like or are used for the Windows Vista experience, appearance and characteristics that you have only two choices get a full size laptop now or wait until Windows 7 enabled netbooks come later Heres a catch, and Windows 7 may be limited to the basics netbook use (for details from Microsoft still pending).
* Compatibility: Linux-based netbooks have pretty much disappeared from the shelves of retailers, because Linux does not allow to run popular applications as Microsoft Office. Google Android based netbooks, probably have the same restrictions. So if you use Microsoft Office in general to stay away from netbooks, which are not displayed in the Windows-based operating system (currently, this means that XP, later this year, Windows 7).

One thing that is different problems. At we are dealing with thousands of computer problems every day, including the netbook and laptop problems.

Netbook computers can be affected by the same problems as a full size laptop or desktop computer. Since netbooks are not so powerful, that any influence of the computer (such as viruses or spyware, or too many installed programs), will be even more noticeable.

Common problems include:

* Slow start and / or stop time
* Frequent accidents or lockups
* Help receipt printers and other devices / peripherals to work
* Problems upgrading netbook BIOS to latest version
* USB devices that are not accessible when the connected
* The problems of data transfer on my computer is used
* Unable to synchronize one IPod, iPhone
, Treo, Centro, Windows Mobile or other portable devices
* Problems of access to media content (pictures, videos, music) in Windows Media Player
* Windows Update errors prevent the latest security updates from the applicable
* Bugs with Flash, Java / Javascript, ActiveX
* Help in connecting to a computer used in home network
* Frequent pop-ups and / or warnings that my computer is infected with a virus
* There is no sound or choppy audio / sound problems
* Problems with installing and configuring anti-virus / anti-spyware software
* CD-ROM drive no errors

My recommendations do not jump and buy a netbook simply because it is $ 100 $ 150 cheaper it could be great if youre in the correct user. Take the time to actually use the netbook in a store, see how you use it at home, and make sure that you can live with the restrictions. If possible, netbooks are great if you can not, you simply return netbook and in some stores, paying the maintenance fee.
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