Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Dells Tiny Mini

Dell, one of the impact on business computing, and gave into temptation and presented their netbook line some time ago, aptly called the Dell Mini.

Our review unit in black and sturdily constructed in glossy black case. Exterior design is simple, with only the logo of Dell floor in the middle. There is one USB port on the left side, along with power and port on the right is another two USB ports and standard audio port.

What surprised us was the inclusion of HDMI-port. We do not remember seeing HDMI port on the netbook before. Opening the lid reveals 10.1-inch display and a keyboard to the keys than the ones you find on a normal keyboard. We must say that enjoyed typing on the 10 mini-keyboard, as in his large and tactile feedback were good.

In trackpad design is very interesting as it combines both the left and right mouse button to click with the trackpad itself. Most people tend to place their fingers on the trackpad button while tracking.

At a mini-10, when you place your finger, and the track at the same time, the touch of many feet in ans it will either turn or highlight. You can include a few out of touch, but that at the point with a few touch and off?

In the mini-10 is powered by Intel, the processor Atom Z530, along with 1 GB of memory and Windows XP.
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Dells Tiny Mini Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Dells Tiny Mini Reviewed by Unknown on 12:50 AM Rating: 5

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