Laptops vs Netbooks

Today we can not survive without the Internet available to us for a very long time. Therefore, large groups of the solutions that promise Internet access is available. While all use the Internet to mobile devices, because it is difficult and full of resources, which, as in a real PC. Mobile browser with limited support, particularly for features such as embedded video and animation files, so the experience of your web half-baked. Today is a time of great freedom, again the laptop looks like a clumsy giant. The solution? Enter the Netbook world.

Until today, Netbook is little more than ultra-portable laptop. As the name suggests, is better suited for surfing the net, together with other light tasks allies. It is not designed as a multimedia center or a branch of the work and that most Netbook think.

Netbook screen size is usually 8-9 cm. Screen resolution varies depending on the make and model and it is a respectable 1024×600. While the smaller form factor is the portability of defined benefits, the smaller keyboard and touchpad can be a real pain for people with large hands. Netbook connection is essential, and usually comes with a wide range of USB ports, an Ethernet connection and the latest available wireless technology. Display devices can be via the DVI / S-Video. Optical drives are optional.

Under the bonnet, the processor for Netbook be thrifty drinker of electricity. To date, three different platforms are available. The aging of the EIA, but reliable C7d (HP Mini Note 2133), the popular Intel Atom processor, and the mixed bag of options AMD (Sempron 2100 +, Turion64 Geode LX800 or lean). Memory usually comes in 512-2GB range. Storage can take the form of SSD (Solid State Drive) or a simple disk. Although SSD is fast, compact and consume less energy, but also much of the Netbook price. As a compromise, some vendors ship their units with limited capacity (2.4 GB) flash memory, which usually contains the operating system and a standard hard disk for storage.

In the field of software, you can switch to Windows XP or Linux. Linux distributions like Ubuntu 8 / 10 is an excellent choice because they are very good out of the box. The performance of Windows Vista is usually the poor people more electricity.

A checklist, but you can Netbook as follows: —

• The power-efficient Atom is the best bet, but comes with the 945 chipset is old. US15 The new chipset will be available soon. Keep searching

• 512 MB memory, enough perhaps, but you are better with 1 GB +

• Video Search for the ion (atom + GeForce 9400) for the platform with NVidia HD playback features

• Hard Drive SSD ’s offer the performance and efficiency of the higher prices

• Prices are in $ 500 in general

Most major brands like Dell, HP, Compaq and Acer Netbook in their formation. ASUS Eee PC, the first, is also a good choice. What do you need to decide whether you really need a Netbook. It offers portability, a rich network of experience and the ability to calculate light, is no substitute for a laptop or a mobile phone, and usually not a niche in the market.
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