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A lot of people confuse the different terms related to computer technology, especially since the vocabulary is growing every day. If you want to know what the USB flash drive, it is easier to understand how to use the Memory Stick. On the flash drive is also known as thumb drive, and it is only because of its size, which is about the size of the finger. USB drive as a replacement for the old floppy disks, so much better than floppy disks, since the flash drive has no moving parts, such as a floppy, done. Since they have no moving parts, it is reliable and durable.
You should always be careful with the disk, but you can be sure your flash drive, do not break if you deliberately try to do so by his defeat with a hammer or whatever. Not only is the device is so easy with him, you can use it on most computers with a floppy drive is no longer available, most computers have a USB port, and these things never Unlike floppy disks. USB port can be in your pocket or keychain.

USB drive is just a small card placed in a plastic or metal to make it safe. You can everything you need from the USB flash drive, and you do not need any other cables, simply plug it into your computer with USB port. With a flash drive, you must click and drag all the information you provide to them. You can create your presentations, videos, photos, music and much more. Your data will be quickly and remain there until you decide to remove it.

Recordable discs take a long time to do the same, it takes several minutes to download information about them, and not all computers have CD-RW drives. Not to be forgotten at the end of time, information is presented on a CD together, it will not happen with the USB flash drive. Flash drive holds far more data than CD, but now you can use a 64 GB flash memory, which should be more than you’ll ever need, the price fluctuates around $ 200, of course you can, that is 4 GB for all between $ 10 and $ 20.

A lot of people decided to flash drives, because they are so reliable, durable and compact. If you are afraid of losing, and it has information that you do not want someone else to see, you can use a USB flash drive encrypts the data you store, others have sections that you want to enter a password. If you live in the memory, flash drive, first choice, because it’s an easy way to make space on your computer, simply plug it in and save his belongings.
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