Open Source: the Secret of Affordable Web Development Services

This may be news to many, but most online business today Buzz World Wide Web it was not intended for commercial. It is designed for information exchange and mutual benefit.

If it were not for the Open Source Initiative, which began in 1998, the cost of developing the web site would not be as down to earth as it is now. Raising from the web free to use and expand the software, like PHP, Linux, Ruby On Rails, Word Press, Fire fox and many other open source was a network of economic development, scalable and efficient, despite the aggressive market platform.

In fact, the programming language PHP, open-source is the most widely used web programming language worldwide. Statistics show that over 1 million web servers and more than 20 million websites are currently being implemented using PHP on the backend. Defying all the competition itself, the language allows the development of web sites, service providers to quickly and effectively to create even the most complex Web sites, it is convenient to coordinate with huge databases in your backend. Popular Web sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Face book and distributed cases of PHP in action.

In the same vein, Ruby On Rails (ROR) is also seen as a powerful tool in the hands of service providers for web design. ROR allows web site development services throughout the world to design, develop and implement the most critical web applications on the fastest cycle time and the most reasonable prices. Since its launch in 2004, Ruby On Rails has been the development of web services with a significant 60% reduction in the source code, as compared with Java. As a result, Web sites suffer fewer errors of software and web site much faster development of services. Obviously, ROR is a well-known web programming language on the same level as PHP,. NET, J2EE and Python.
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